of Oklahoma sports lives here.

Vance McSpadden
Jared Mills
Peter Mills
James Moore
John Munson
Dr. Gene Muse

Rick Naifeh

Charlie Newton

Randel Nusz

Vance Nye

Steve Owens

David Patrick

Ty Patterson

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell

John G. Robin, III

Kaylan Roby

Stephen Russell

Ryan Sharp

Steve Shaw

Chuck Shirley

Travis Simpson

Dean Slatev

Dave Smith

Lee Allan Smith

Stewart Smith

Anita Thorpe

Richard Thorpe

Dr. Brent Tipton, M.D.
Tom Tomlinson

Berry Tramel

J. Blake Wade

Brent Wadley

Joe Washington

Aaron Waters

Jim Weigel

Keith Wilton


Pat Adams

Scott Allen

Lynton Allred

Dr. Gary Anderson

Nathan Baker

Nick Bambick

Keith Baxter

Roy Bishop

Chad Borin, D.O.

Phil Boykin

Mike Brock

Mike Brown

Allen Bumgardner

David Burshek

Andy Campbell

Joe Castiglione

Mike Chancellor

Dr. Mel Clark

Craig A. Clemons

Eric Combs

Jason Connelly

Jason Constable

Alan Cook

Jeb Cook

The Honorable Mick Cornett

Jesse Cowan

David D. Daugherty

Brent Davis
Kelli Davis
Matt Dobson
Gene Downing
Ryan J. Duffy
Don W. Eckroat
Marti Eden
Jim Feist

David J. Feroli


The Executive Council of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is made up of men and women who share the drive and passion to ensure the mission of this organization successfully moves forward. Each Executive Council member gives of their resources and time pouring into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame’s various programs, and acts as the organization’s advisory board.

To quote Lynne Draper, founder of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame (formerly Jim Thorpe Association);

"The Executive Council is the life blood...without whom we would not be achieving the level of success that we are."

Doug Fuller

Stanley Funderburg

Paxton Gray
Jason Groves

Jeff Hale

Gregory H. Hall

Chris Hammes

Steve Hare

Dr. J. Don Harris

Jack Herron

Ross Hill

Mike Holder
Sue Hollenbeck

Lon Huff

Michael Hunter
Buck Irwin
G.R. Ives
Randy Jacoby
Larry Johnson
Alex Kaiser
Michael Ketcherside
Rory Laisle

Jay Lakin

Brittany Leemaster

Kim Lewis
Mark Little
James B. Lowe
Gary Lower
Andy Malone
Robert A. Manchester, IV
Steven Marler
Keith May
Kyle McElvaney