It takes a team.

If you are one of those considering this opportunity to join the Thorpe Team of 100 exclusive annual benefit, please fill out the contact form and register today. 


The Thorpe Team of 100 is a unique and incredibly vital campaign opportunity within the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Our purpose is to encourage excellence through sports, academics, health and fitness; preserving our sports heritage, while building pride in the spirit of Jim Thorpe. How we reach our purpose begins with just one.

Established in 2017 by Former President of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame, Eddie Griffin, the Thorpe Team of 100 is an exclusive “team” of selfless givers. The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is purely funded by donations. It takes a team to keep the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame as one of the nation’s premier halls of fame. Your gift to be a Thorpe Team of 100 member will allow us to continue to give back and make a tremendous impact across our communities and state. By being one of the one hundred, you will be sowing into our most treasured youth programs for underprivileged schoolchildren, including; Bright Path, the Children’s Challenge, and Oklahoma’s largest drug free initiative, Red Ribbon Week.

The Thorpe Team of 100 is limited to 100 members each year. Our members are honored and recognized in our Jim Thorpe Museum as those who help sustain the museum and its impactful programs. The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame’s Thorpe Team of 100 thrives on the support and partnership of those excited to be a part of the mission. Please consider making a donation of $1,000 to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame and joining this exclusive team today! Your gift is completely tax deductible and considered above your current giving level.

The enrollment for the 2019 Thorpe Team of 100 will begin January 1, 2019. It is on a first come, first serve basis and will continue until all 100 spots are filled. Please consider this tremendous opportunity!



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