Allie P. Reynolds Award

This prestigious award goes to the high school senior who best reflects the spirit of Allie P. Reynolds by maintaining the highest standards in scholarship, leadership, civic contributions and character. An American Creek Indian, Reynolds was a six-time world champion pitcher with the New York Yankees. Allie P. Reynolds honorees:

2007 Cody Ruiz, U.S. Grant
2006 Sam Bradford, Putnam City North
2005 Danielle Zanotti, Mustang
2004 Zachary Taylor, Del City
2003 Ty Peck, Kingfisher
2002 Lacey Duffy, Piedmont
2001 Chad Tsotigh, Moore
2000 Kristen Taylor, Will Rogers
1999 Bryan Blew, Edmond North
1998 Joshua D., “Josh” Smith, Westmoore