Induction Sponsored by
Wewoka Chamber of Commerce,
Oak Tree Golf Club, Mathis Brothers

 Dr. Gilmer Bryan “Gil” Morgan became one of Oklahoma’s greatest golfers with more than $21,000,000 earned in prize money through 2008.   His first PGA title was at the 1977 B.C. Open, followed with wins at the 1978 Glen Campbell-L.A. Open and the World Series of Golf. In all, Dr. Morgan won seven titles and netted over five million dollars on the PGA tour. He joined the senior PGA Champions Tour in 1997 and was named “Rookie of the Year”. Through 2008, he won 25 events.  He holds a Doctor of Optometry Degree, earned before he turned pro in 1972, but has never practiced. A native of Wewoka, Oklahoma, and a graduate of East Central University, he was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1982.


Gil Morgan (1998)