Warren Spahn Award

The Warren Spahn Awards Gala is a time to remember the accomplishments of three great athletes and to celebrate the accomplishments of professional athletes and student athletes and coaches. The Gala is centered on the accomplishments of Warren Spahn. Spahn is considered the greatest left-handed pitcher of all time in the Major Leagues and the Warren Spahn Award is given to the outstanding Left Handed Pitcher from the previous season.

For the first nine years, the Gala was hosted at the beautiful Masonic Temple in Guthrie, OK. In 2008, the Warren Spahn Awards Gala moved from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. The Gala was moved in connection with the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame partnering with the Bricktown Rotary Club to be the presenting sponsor of the Gala and the merger of the Sports Hall of Fame with the Jim Thorpe Association.

The Warren Spahn Awards Gala has become a premier event in the State of Oklahoma. In fact, the Gala is the only event in Oklahoma in which a major league athlete is honored for their accomplishments on the playing field. The Gala raises funds for the Bricktown Rotary Club and the Jim Thorpe Association, which are two charitable organizations that support many outstanding causes that benefit underprivileged children and individuals.

Visit the Warren Spahn website for more information on previous winners, the banquet and news.